FORTUNATELY, I met Rhonda at the lowest point of my life in June of 2006. I have to admit I don’t remember a lot about our initial meeting, as I was practically carried into her office by my friend, Karla. Without notice, the bottom had completely fallen out of my world. I was an emotional wreck, and in a serious state of shock. Thankfully, I had trusted my dear friend when she told me, “I know exactly the right person who can help you through this.” Best decision ever!!

I have stated that I don’t remember much of anything we discussed that first day when we met, but I will tell you that what I do remember are the feelings I had during our meeting . . . I knew that I was speaking with someone who definitely “knew her stuff,” someone that understood my situation, and someone who would go to the mat for me in the nightmare I was then facing. Additionally, the compassion and concern she showed for me that day is something I will remember forever.

Rhonda was a superstar for me throughout my ugly, arduous divorce. There was more drama, deception and craziness during that time than I could have ever imagined.
However, Rhonda fought for me every step of the way. At the same time she was showing me compassion and reassurance as her client, she was fighting like a “bulldog with lipstick” to represent me. Rhonda is definitely a formidable opponent in the courtroom! In the end, Rhonda helped me to secure a settlement that I didn’t think was possible when we began. I fondly refer to her as “the goddess of the courtroom!”

Well, a lot of time has passed since those very difficult days. Since then, I have had the privilege of referring many friends to Rhonda with the exact same sentiment used by my dear friend, Karla, years before--”I know exactly the right person who can help you through this!” And, she has!!

Presently, I have had to renew my client relationship with Rhonda by seeking her help to protect my interests in things that were ordered and agreed upon in my divorce years ago. Ugh! As expected, she is once again fighting for me like the big sister I never had. Yes, that’s right. Rhonda has become more to me than just my lawyer—she is a good friend, and a sister.

I cannot recommend anyone more than Rhonda Mushkin, and her wonderful associate, Beth Rosenblum, to help you through your darkest days. I can say without reservation, that one of the best decisions I have ever made was to trust my friend and to seek Rhonda’s help and expertise.

-Wendy (Redacted)

Rhonda L. Mushkin and her team gave me exceptional representation through my divorce. My case was unusual but Rhonda went the extra mile to ask all the important questions that gave me the extra success in the end. They are a smart, effective and efficient team that gave me affordable consistent billing and great results.

-Laurie (Redacted)

I sincerely appreciate the professionalism, immediate response and individualized attention received from Rhonda L. Mushkin, Chartered. Rhonda, Beth and Adam were extremely helpful and supportive, both personally and professionally, during this very difficult time in my life. I would strongly recommend this law firm for all your family law needs.

-Michele (Redacted)